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First, just so you know, I’m not quite dead yet. 😉 I’m still living in the US, working, and working my strategy to move back to Valencia when the time is right. There are definitely travel plans in the works for the holidays, so I hope that will provide some good blog posts!

Because I am not dead, I deal with taxes. Chances are, if you are reading this, you are still alive and paying taxes, too. I recently ran across a resource that may be helpful for my US friends living overseas. Tax season was especially difficult, and expensive, because there was no clear guide to all of the tax-related stipulations of living abroad.

I recently ran across this book to address the challenges of being a taxpayer in the US (and if you are a US citizen, you ARE considered a taxpayer) and living as an expat:

U.S. Taxes for Worldly Americans: The Traveling Expat’s Guide to Living, Working, and Staying Tax Compliant Abroad (Updated for 2019) Kindle Edition – $9.99

The Kindle version ($9.99) has been updated for 2019, and if you are planning on moving or retiring out of the US, I highly recommend getting this book. It covers many of the topics that I eventually discussed with my CPA to ensure I was filing taxes properly in the US. This would have been a great resource (and saved me a lot of money in CPA fees!) when I lived overseas:

Photo by The New York Public Library on Unsplash