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This blog has been an interesting way to meet people, even after returning to the US. Due to my blog, I have spoken with some really interesting people who have dreamed of moving to Spain or Valencia. Some people are looking for a place to retire, some people are looking for a new life, and some are just ready for an adventure. Regardless, I have been happy to support folks as they explore the idea of being an expat.

At least two of the people who contacted me through my blog decided to make the move, and became friends in the process. Choosing to live in a new country in an organized and prepared way requires some amount of planning, and while the steps aren’t hard, a good sense of purpose and patience are essential. Bureaucracy is a very real challenge, and designed to provide rigorous challenges, and the rationale for those challenges doesn’t often make sense.

I started my own blog as a way to build and reflect on the experience but also to encourage others on their own discovery of the expat life. If you are reading this, and are an expat, too, remember that others can learn from your expertise. For me, blogging has helped share my ideas and experiences, and has also encouraged others on their journey. In 2019, I plan to continue looking for ways to get back to Spain, and continue this blog in a more active fashion!

Happy Holidays, everyone, and Happy New Year! I hope 2019 is a great one for all of us!