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The Turia riverbed defines much of the life in Valencia. Following a catastrophic flood in 1957 (more on that later, gentle readers!), the river itself was diverted to an area to the south of the city. The semicircular pathway through the cityspans both old and new areas, and in many ways is the boundary between the old city and the new zones that have emerged as Valencia has grown and prospered.

The riverbed has been converted into a green space that runs from the areas near the port to the local Bioparc zoo. With running trails, exercise equipment, bike paths, soccer fields, playgrounds, bridges, and forested areas, the Turia riverbed, or simply Turia river, is an amazing reflection of the importance of being outdoors in this city.

One of my latest habits is to take bike rides in the morning in the riverbed. If I get up early enough, I am treated to a view of the city waking up into its rush hour routine. In the photos below, you can see the way the river is integrated into the city, but I assure you that the sense of calm in the river is a great way to start a day. These pictures are heading west, but I will publish a set of pictures soon of my rides to the east.

DSCN4884 copy DSCN4885 copy DSCN4887 copy DSCN4888 copy Below: Swan boats ready to start the day at BioParc zoo…DSCN4889 copy
DSCN4890 copy DSCN4892 copy DSCN4893 copy DSCN4895 copy DSCN4896 copy DSCN4897 copy DSCN4900 copy DSCN4901 copy DSCN4902 copy DSCN4904 copy DSCN4905 copy DSCN4906 copy DSCN4907 copy DSCN4908 copy DSCN4909 copy