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Discussion with expats often center on staying connected as an expat. It’s not an easy task, but having a feeling of connectedness while abroad is a critical component of many people’s wellbeing. Here are a few things that I found that might be useful for you, too!

Ooma Telo Free Home Phone Service. Blocks Robocalls with Optional Premier Service, One Size, Black
Of all of the things that I brought with me when I moved overseas, this had to be one of the best things I took. People could call me on an Atlanta phone number and it rang my phone in my apartment in Europe. The Ooma connects to a regular phone (and also through an app) and the internet, and made it possible for me to work while I was overseas because people could get in touch with me by phone. They never knew I was out of the country! This device has been working continuously in multiple countries since 2012, and I haven’t ever had a problem with it. See the website for the complete description:
Price: $79.99

magicJackHome 2019 VOIP Phone Adapter Portable Home and On-The-Go Digital Phone Service. Make Unlimited Local & Long Distance Calls to The U. S. and Canada. NO Monthly Bill (2019) 1-Pack
One of our regular Meetup participants recommends this tool. Like the Ooma, it provides a way to stay in touch with folks back in the US. From the website description: New 2019 magicJack Home Digital Telephone Service: Unlimited Local & Long Distance Calling to the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands with a 1 YEAR WARRANTY. Also, Free magicJack to magicJack calling worldwide and low international outbound rates.See the website for the complete description:
Price: $49.88

Anywhere Connections: 75 Cards for Discovering Yourself & Others, Wherever You Are by Magda Lipka Falck
Going on a vacation or tour with people you haven’t met yet? Here’s a great way to break the ice! From the description: With 75 prompts to inspire interaction and conversation between people, wherever they find themselves, this handy deck is a creative tool for thinking and acting differently. From “Get lost somewhere together with someone you like” to “Ask people you meet today about their biggest life lesson. Take notes,” the whimsical and thought-provoking activities invite users to engage with friends, family, and strangers in imaginative ways. Perfect for people looking to discover new things about themselves and others!
Price: $9.95