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Gentle reader, so much has happened over the last two weeks that my head is spinning a little. First, there was a trip to Miami for the visa. I came back to Atlanta just in time to attend a wonderful party in my honor at work, thanks to wonderful colleagues. Since my last day at work was October 25,

I had a week to finish getting all of my packing done. Well, sort of a week – I actually gave two presentations this past week at my job, which gave me the opportunity to end on a very positive note. The days that I wasn’t working, I was scanning my textbooks so that they wouldn’t take up valuable packing space, playing the second-guessing game with my belongings, and purging.

Yesterday, however, the movers came to retrieve a big box that enclosed all of the belongings I plan to take to Spain. It suddenly got a whole lot more real.

I also had an impromptu party with a group of dear friends as a final send-off. I am really humbled to have such great friends.

I now have about 24 hours before I leave for the airport. This is really going to happen!