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Applying for a residence visa in another country can be heartbreaking work, and sometimes a paper tiger that may just eat you alive by the end of the process (see here and here). Earlier this week, I flew down to Miami to apply for a non-lucrative visa… again.

Just to answer some questions that I am sure are out there, YES you have to apply in person, YES you will have to have an appointment, YES you will get to know the nearby Fedex/Kinko’s, and YES you will pay for parking, the appointment, and any other odd needs you may have.

However, at the end of the appointment, the visa application was accepted by the consulate. Now, it goes to Spain, is validated there, and I get a response whenever they darn well feel like it. If what some of my friends’ timelines for visas ended up being, I should hear something by two months from now. I hope they like me!